The Henri IV hotel is located on the Place Dauphine in central Paris.
In the shade of chestnut trees, this place was named in honor of the son of Henri IV, Louis the Dauphin (the future Louis XIII).
The great King Henry (the Green Gallant) who completed the Pont Neuf, instructed his minister Sully and the President of Parliament, Achille de Harlay, to build this place which was a royal garden in 1608, 400 years ago.
Of the thirteen existing plots, the thirteenth was sold for 2400 livre tournois ("Tours pound"). Each floor was level and on the ground floor was a goldsmith (with an illustration of Saint-Peter).

In 1840 Michel Leonard bought the building and transformed it into a hotel named the Henri IV hotel calling it after the square’s creator.
The building and the hotel had separate destinies until 1937, when Marius BALITRAND oined these two entities and renovated the building.
One of his son, Maurice, took the row, and in turn a grandson François, modernized the family business.

The hotel Henri IV is known in many foreign guides that highlight its position on the Ile de la Cité, in central Paris, and his family welcome.
Its prices match its customers: students from all countries, professors, writers, artists, researchers (the Latin Quarter is not far away).
Safety standards have demanded the removal of some rooms, creating a slight price increase. Despite this, prices remain reasonable and the price / quality ratio is underlined by all.

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HOTEL HENRI IV - 25, Place Dauphine 75001 Paris - Tel : 00.331.